Re-access Your Sugar Intake

lesssugarAll sugar whether natural or processed,is a type of simple carbohydrate that your body uses for energy. These days, we are eating too much added sugar, the kind that is mixed in during cooking or food processing. Each day men are taking in an average of 335 calories from added sugar (20 teaspoons) while women are taking in an average of 239 calories (15 teaspoon) kids are consuming a whopping 16% of their calories intake form added sugar.

Added sugar are gotten from things we tend to ignore like sodas, dessert, nutrition bars, salad dressings, sauces etc. Added sugar enhances taste and provide calories but has no real nutritional value.

Eating too many foods with added sugar and solid fats set the stage for potential health problems such as poor nutrition, weight gain, tooth decay, increased triglycerides while natural sugar found in foods like fruits, vegetable and dairy products that occur on their own and are not manipulated or extracted by humans, are packed with good vitamins, minerals and plant based compounds that are important for good health.

Give up on added sugar, try to avoid being extreme, set yourself up for a life time of success, and don’t get sabotaged by sweeteners. Find small changes, cut down on sugars, swap a fruit or smoothie etc. Remember, progress is in the small steps, not giant leaps.


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