Staying healthy and taking the long term approach to weight loss is wise, because you will lose pounds slowly and steadily and it’s more likely that you’ll keep them off.


According to a recent study published in the American journal of preventive medicine, when it comes to getting in shape, weight loss related terms such as “best diet” and “how to exercise” are commonly searched for as people want to keep in shape.

To help you stay healthy and lose those pounds you can get started with these healthy tips:

  1. Drink water (H20)
  2. Do 20 minutes of exercise daily
  3. Avoid calories in a glass
  4. Get some sleep
  5. Don’t skip meal , eat in small portion
  6. Eat more fruits, vegetable and fiber.

We are with you all the way. #PalominoBodyShop

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Photo Credit: Shutter Stock


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