7 Weight Loss Tips


  1. Let every meal contain protein to help keep you full and keeps your cravings in check.
  2. Instead of eating an heavy meals just once or twice a day, it is advised that you aim at eating small meals every 3 to 5 hours .
  3. Vegetables are good for you. Fill your plate with vegetable which ensure you are taking the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  4. Leave something in your plate or rather use small serving dishes to ensure you are not loading up with so much food.
  5. How much water do you drink? Do you know that as part from keeping your body healthy, drinking 6 to 8 cups of water daily can help you loose weight.
  6. Artificial sweetener can be tricky, they increase sugar craving making you go for more calories.

  7. You need 5 to 8 cups of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and ward off diseases. Take less sugary fruits.

Source: WomenHealthMag

Photo Credit: Shutterstock


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